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Human Emotion

Course Summary

This course is based on Psych 156 Human Emotion, Fall 2007 made available by University of California, Berkeley: Webcast.Berkeley under the Creative commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 license.
This course will examine two different theoretical perspectives on emotion: (1) the differential emotions approach with its strong evolutionary grounding, and (2) the social constructionist approach. Next, the course will investigate empirical research on many facets of emotion including facial expression, physiology, appraisal, and the lexicon of emotion. Finally, we will consider more specific topics including social interaction, culture, gender, personality, and psychopathology.

(Note: Only audio recordings of the lectures are available)

Reading Material

1. Textbook (Berkeley Psych 156): Understandinq Emotions
Understandinq Emotions. 2nd Edition. Keith Oatley, Dacher Keltner, & Jennifer M. Jenkins, Blackwell Publishing
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Course Material

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Other Resources

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