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Interdisciplinary Seminars - Leslie Tamppari: The Phoenix Mission - Nov 2008

Seminar 6 - Leslie Tamppari: The Phoenix Mission - Nov 2008

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) project scientist Leslie Tamppari discussed Phoenix's mission to Mars in a Watson Lecture on November 12. The Phoenix spacecraft launched in August 2007, carrying instruments to Mars to conduct atmospheric, mineralogical, chemical, and microscopy experiments to understand the history of water in the environment and the potential for the landing location to be a good habitat for microbes. Tamppari provided an overview of the mission, described its history, and explained its results.

This is a fascinating presentation on the mission to Mars which includes captivating photos and video clips of the red planet.

Leslie Tamppari
Leslie Tamppari: The Phoenix Mission
(California Institute of Technology: Caltech Today)
Date accessed: 2009-02-25
License: Not applicable

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